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Infinity Island was founded in New York in late 2019. Having undergone disruptions due to the pandemic, we are now active again and seeking to grow our business. We strive to create a platform that brings people together and helps with collective and personal growth. Although having a strong background in the arts, we, as the name Infinity Island suggests, embrace infinite possibilities in life and do not set limit in the fields we tread in. We welcome experts from different fields to join us as appropriate.

Our 3 missions are as follows:

1. To bring UNITY and SPIRITUAL GROWTH to people

2. To help individuals with PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT



Each mission is fulfilled through respective endeavors and services.



We believe unity and spiritual growth can lead us to a better world. Our Epiphany Forum and endorsement of artists and their work are here to fulfill this mission. This is our ultimate objective and other endeavors of ours are also serving this purpose, directly or indirectly.


Communication is a fundamental part of building up connections and bring people together. This forum provides an inclusive and secure environment for people to gather, and share opinions and life experiences to be inspired and gain intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth collectively.


Art is something powerful to bring people unity, inspirations and catharses. That is why Infinity Island started out as a platform supporting artists and will continue to do so. We aim to support artists in their own artistic journeys. That is to say, the pursuit of arts should not be limited by age, identity, or status. You can always support our fellow artists through hiring them or promoting their wonderful work.

Unity & Spiritual Growth


We believe better individuals make a better world, which is why personal development is important. Personal development can happen on different levels and aspects. It can be cultivating a hobby as an emotional outlet or receiving training to perform better career wise. To fulfill this mission, we aim to provide quality education to the public. As a new and growing business, we are looking for experts from different fields to join us.


No matter you are seeking improvements to enhance your career, learning a new skill or discovering a new hobby, we want to provide you with the education you need. We also believe, just like multipotentialites of the Renaissance, the potential in modern individuals is also infinite. Thus, we encourage everyone to embrace the infinite potentials within oneself, and let the limit-free personal development bring inspiration, epiphany and success.

Personal Development


Artists together can create magnificent works that bring people entertainment, or even inspirations, epiphanies and catharses. However, sometimes we do see the gap between the arts and the world, meaning without a medium, it's hard for artists to unleash their infinite creativity. Even with a medium in place, artists still need the support from sufficient audiences to secure their livelihood. It is our mission to try to fill this gap. Beside supporting existing practices of the arts, we also strive to discover more possibilities for artists to apply their artistry to different uses to serve the public.


Under the Arts section of our website, you may find a variety of creative services. Currently, we have 5 main categories, including Hair & Makeup, Graphic Design, Photography & Video, Entertainment, and Theatrical Design. A great way to take advantage of these services is hiring us for your projects, such as an event or wedding. Whether you just need one or two services to complete your preparation work, or you need someone to organize everything for you, we are here to help. In the case where you believe we can serve you but some integration or customization of our services is needed, our INTEGRATION section is perfect for you.



The 3 main focuses of ours can be independent or connected depending on the circumstances. We provide consulting service integrating the resource we have in hand to bring solutions to our clients' problems; we also offer customized service packages catering to our clients' need.


Powered by our creative resources, we can provide solutions to our clients' problems, whether directly related to the arts or not. Consult with us, we will conduct research and structure a strategy or solution for you. Whether to have us implement the strategy or solution is up to you. Things we can help our clients with are, but not limited to, the following:
- Help artists incorporate
- Enhance online presence and public image for individuals, businesses or productions through artistic branding strategy
- Assist clients with arts related administrations or compliances, such as public performance licensing
- Plan artistic tours in NYC
- Organize international projects between the US and Greater China


This service is offered to integrate different existing services we have and build a package catering to our clients' need. A common scenario where you as a client can put this service into good use is event planning. It can be as small as an intimate birthday party in your house where you just need a pianist; it can also be a black-tie outdoor event where you need a live orchestra, performers, a decorator, a hair & makeup artist, a lighting designer, and more. You may use this service to supplement your preparation work, or you can hire us to organize things for you.

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